From "Notes From Gen"

Any time is drying time! Don't put your dehydrator away for the winter; keep it handy to make special holiday treats and to dry the overflow of fall and winter foods.

In late fall, most gardeners have overgrown zucchini that they are glad to give away. It is easiest to handle if cut in slices, peeled, and shredded, and then dried. It will be ready for winter time treats.

Apples, squash, pumpkins, yams, sweet potatoes, bananas, and grapes are all bargains at the supermarket.

Supermarket specials happen quickly on crisp winter days. Banana skins can turn black in the cold and make the fruit unsalable, but the insides are still in perfect shape for the savvy shopper! Make friends with the backroom help in the produce section, and grab these give-aways before they hit the dumpster. Also find out the schedule for marking down or throwing out still-usable produce. You'll be amazed at what you can salvage!