from the October 1985 "Drying Times"

by Barb Moody

As we process our fall apples, we dry the apple cores instead of tossing them in the garbage. Apple Pomander Sachets are one way these dried throw-aways can be used. The sachets are less time consuming to make than traditional pomanders. Because they are so easy to prepare they make a wonderful project for younger children.

Apple Pomander Sachets are lovely package and tree decorations. Or, fill a crystal bowl with the colorful, fragrant sachets. Tie them into bows, attach them to wreaths the possibilities are endless. After the holidays, let sachets spice up your linen drawers; their pungent ingredients will repel moths.

Combine: 2 cups of dried apple core with 2 cups of water. Soak until rehydrated. Blend cores until they form a coarse pulp, adding more water if necessary.

Place in a bowl and add the following ground spices:

Mix thoroughly. Using about a tablespoon of mixture, form small balls. Roll balls in spice mixture used in traditional recipe.

Wrap balls in nylon organdy or netting. Tie with thread or use a small piece of wire to twist closed.

Place in dehydrator and dry at medium heat until hard.

Remove temporary tie. Tighten netting. Wrap with a second piece of netting of the same or complimentary color. Tie with a small satin ribbon.