from October 1986 "Drying Times"

Here is an holiday decoration that is guaranteed to get noticed. We first saw a dried apple wreath in an exclusive boutique at a destination ski resort; it was selling for almost $50! With a few inexpensive materials and a little time you can make one of these lovely fall creations.

Materials Needed:

  1. A wreath frame - you can use any 10 inch frame available from a craft shop. It can be made of straw, styrofoam, wire, or cardboard. Or, you can shape your own using wire coat hangers.

  2. A glue gun or a large needle such as a curved upholstry needle and strong thread or fish line.

  3. 50 of your best dried apple slices. You will be using 3 or 4 heart-shaped slices from the center (core) cuts of about 16 apples. Don't remove the stems or the seeds. (The remainder of the apple can be dried for use in your favorite recipe.)

Assembling the Wreath

  1. Apply a good coat of lacquer to each apple slice using a spray Varathane® or a brush-on plastic coating. Coat both sides of each slice. (Gen prefers not to use any protective coating instead, leaving the apples natural so that they may be eaten.)

  2. Begin with the outside row of apples. Attach the slices by their narrow (flower) end to the frame so that they extend about 2 inches behond the edge of the frame. Secure by sewing or by gluing. Next attach the inner row, again, fixing the narrow end to the frame. The stem end should extend into the center of the wreath. The third and last row laps over the other two rows. Since every slice is fully visible, this row deserves the best slices. This row should be placed very carefully with the stem end (the wide end) pointing away from the center of the wreath. A good way to visualize the final results is to lay out the apple slices in a circle first, positioning each slice in relation to the other slices in the manner they will be placed on the wreath frame.

  3. Finish off the apple wreath with a plaid bow. Using wire or glue, attach cinnamon sticks so that they extend like rays from the bow. Dry wreath in the dehydrator. When not in use, store in a well-sealed plastic bag, as you would any dried food.