from the January 1986 "Drying Times"

by Barb Moody

From the Mailbag

A reader writes:

"I have made different fruit leathers for years following "Dry It You'll Like It" directions. My apple leather always is made of Jonathan Apples and is not good. It separates and doesn’t hold together. But it tastes good. What am I doing wrong?"


Your problems with apple leathers is probably caused by the variety of apple rather than an error in your technique. Just as certain varieties of apples are better than others for baking, some varieties are better for drying. Our favorite variety is the Golden Delicious. These apples make excellent leathers and they hold their color well when sliced and dried. Another good variety for leathers is the Granny Smith apple. Leathers made from Granny Smiths tend to be a little more crisp but they hold together well. The tart taste of Granny Smiths make a truly delightful leather.

If you only have Jonathan apples available, we suggest that you add a little more liquid than normal. Pineapple juice works great for this. A little extra honey and small amount of guar gum will help prevent the leathers from separating while drying.