Our Food Dehydrators

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Our dehydratorsVersatile Design
The Living Foods Dehydrator, with its low temperature settings and roomy design, can be used for a variety of purposes.

  • Use it to dry fruit and fruit "leathers", vegetables, jerky, crackers, herbs
  • Dry homemade pasta, raise bread and decrystalize honey
  • Dry flowers, photographs, dyed wool or other craft projects
  • Dry fine sweaters, lingerie or leather boots
  • Start seedlings and grow sprouts

Energy Efficient
The Living Foods Dehydrator does not require a fan for its efficient drying. The simple, effective design of this top-ventilated dryer creates a "chimney" effect: as air enters through the screened heater at the bottom, it warms and rises, taking moisture with it out the top. This unique use of heat convection:

  • Eliminates noisy and costly fans
  • Reduces energy consumption with its low wattage heater
  • Makes it easy to convert from electricity to alternative heat sources

Large Capacity
The Living Foods Dehydrator provides more drying space for your dollar than any other dehydrator on the market. It handles large quantities of produce easily and efficiently.

Built to Last
The Living Foods Dehydrator has been thoughtfully designed for convenience, durability and high quality food production.

The Cabinet
The cabinet is solidly crafted from half-inch, interior birch plywood. The lid slides forward for ventilation. The hinged door opens a full 180°, completely out of the way when loading or removing trays.

The Heater
The heater is our specially designed Warm Air Generator (WAG). Its thermostatic control is adjustable and provides an even, constant heat. Created specifically for the low temperature requirements of food dehydration, the WAG can operate safely, 24 hours a day - day after day.

The Trays
The trays are made with tough, food-safe screening stretched over strong wooden frames. They are easy to clean and will not warp with use.

The Perfect Model For You
We offer two sizes of dehydrators: The Master and the Mini. Both sizes are available assembled or in kit form. Choose the one that best fits your needs.