The Living Foods Dehydrator is durable and convenient!!!

The people who designed the Living Foods Dehydrator intended to use it themselves for large quantities of food and wanted it easy to use and easy to clean.

We also built our dehydrators to last and many of them have. Some of the first dehydrators we ever made, back in the 1970's, are still in use -- 30 years old and still cranking out the goodies!

We often get calls from long-time owners such as:

  • "My ex-spouse got the dehydrator we've had since '86...I gotta have another one."
  • "We had ours for 15 years and my son took it when he left home. I need another one."
  • "I've had my dehydrator for 20 years, and the WAG control burned out. Can I buy a new control?" (Yes. $27.00. And we send instructions for replacing it.)


    The cabinet is solidly crafted from half-inch interior birch plywood. We leave it unfinished so that you can finish it as you please.
    The hinged door opens a full 180° so that it is completely out of the way when loading or removing trays.
    The top lid slides forwards for ventilation. This way you can vary the air flow as needed.
    The Master size is counter-top height so that you always have a work space nearby when you're loading or unloading the dryer.
    Trays are made with tough, food safe screening over strong wooden frames. They are easy to clean and won't warp with use.


    What is used for screen is of critical importance because this is the surface that your food will be in contact with. Ours has the following criteria:
    Tough, non-stick surface
    Easy to clean
    Food safe polypropylene -- tested & approved by the FDA
    Made especially for us -- we're the only ones who carry it
    Mesh size is large enough for airflow, small enough to keep most crumbly foods from falling through
    Inexpensive. $2.50 a running foot if you're making your own dehydrator.

    Note: What we call "screen" is the woven polypropylene material and what we call a "tray" is the screening stretched over a wooden frame.