from the October 1985 "Drying Times"

by Barb Moody

We have had many requests for recipes using raw foods and low heat cooking. So, we've added Recipes in the Raw, a new section that will feature no bake recipes and tips on low temperature food preparation. If you have any favorite raw food recipes that you would like to share, send them to us.

No Bake Fruitcake

Mix together chopped dried fruit (hard dried fruit can be chopped in a blender, sticky fruits can be chopped more easily with a lightly oiled knife). Add oil, orange juice and spices. Mix well. Add oatmeal, ground nuts and seeds, and chopped walnuts. Mix well and let set 1 hour. Line a bread pan with plastic wrap. Fill lined pan with fruit mixture, packing it down a little at a time. Cover with plastic wrap and place a heavy weight on top. Chill well for at least a week before cutting. To serve, remove paper and slice thinly. Makes one large loaf. This is a moist "cake". If desired, slices may be dried slightly.

Cool Cuke Soup

Blend thoroughly buttermilk, cucumber, and lemon juice and rind. Add dill and blend to mix. Chill well before serving. Garnish with a sprig of parsley and a thin slice of lemon. This chilled soup makes a great appetizer or a low calorie soup.