from January 1986 "Drying Times"

by Barb Moody

The winter months often bring good prices on bananas. Bananas are at their peak of flavor and ripeness when they are evenly yellow colored and flecked with brown spots. Most stores, however, consider bananas at this stage to be past their prime and will offer them at reduced prices. Take advantage of these sales! Any bananas that are soft and over-ripe can be pureed and used for leathers or bran/coconut crisps. Bananas which are still firm can be sliced and dried. If you are tired of plain dried banana slices, then try these creative ways to go bananas.

NUTTY 'NANAS: This is a delicious variation on "Banana Snowballs". Dip sliced bananas in chopped walnuts and dry. These nutty little slices are so good that they have been gobbled up by a confirmed banana hater.

BANANAS AU CHOCOLAT: Dip dried banana slices in melted chocolate or carob coating. Place dipped slices on wax paper and chill. OR, toss freshly sliced bananas in powdered cocoa or carob and dry. Either of these are decadent little snacks that will delight children and grown-ups alike.

BANANAS 'N BRAN: Toss banana slices in lightly toasted bran and dry. Try these with your favorite breakfast cereal for a "fiberful" taste treat.

For added variety, try slicing bananas in different ways. Slice them lengthwise, or cut them at a slant. Dry them whole to make banana sticks. Of course, slicing them differently doesn’t change the way they taste, or does it?