from January 1986 "Drying Times"

Would it surprise you to see a dehydrator in a day care center or a classroom? It shouldn't. A dehydrator provides unlimited possibilities for kids.

Kids of all ages love to cook. Even young children can help make their own healthy snacks by arranging fruit slices or stirring breakfast cookies. Older children are great at inventing new recipes. Most of all, kids love to sample what is drying. (You might have to put a latch on the dehydrator.) Scouts, Campfire or YMCA kids can dry their own food and snacks for feasts, camp outs, hikes and backpack trips. Teenagers will find the dryer useful for drying noodles, re-crisping day-old popcorn, thawing foods or raising bread or biscuits.

Kids love crafts. Not only will their papier mache or clay projects dry quickly in a dehydrator, but also painted pictures, dried flower arrangements, applehead dolls, glued things, wet doll clothes, rain soaked mittens, and anything else that needs warming or drying. Kids can make party favors such as fruit leather baskets.

Kids love to learn. A dehydrator can help them watch an egg hatch, learn about air convection, or learn to preserve food. Some would enjoy building a dehydrator.

Kids are safe with a Living Foods Dehydrator, which is "kid-proof". If you have a different type of dryer, check it carefully to make sure that the heating element is well protected from small, inquisitive fingers and that the exterior of the cabinet remains cool.

Is it any surprise that from preschool to high school a dehydrator is a useful classroom tool?