Kids love:

Cooking! - A Living Foods Dehydrator will help them make their own food and snacks for feasts, camp outs, hikes, or for those late night munchies during that scary movie.

Crafts! - Their papier-mache, clay projects, paintings, glued things, wet doll clothes, apple-head dolls, etc. all will dry quicker in a dehydrator.

Learning! - A dehydrator is a great addition to a daycare center or a classroom. A dehydrator can help them watch an egg hatch, learn about natural air convection, or learn to preserve food. Teens (and maybe some pre-teens, too) may enjoy building a food dehydrator from plans or a kit.

NOTE: Putting the kit together only requires the use of a hammer, screwdriver, a drill, and possibly a heavy-duty staple gun (which some kids might need help with). A bottle of white glue comes with the kit and no hot tools (soldering iron, glue gun, etc.) are needed.

Parties! - Imagine fruit leathers cut into the shape of bats for Halloween. Or banana slices rolled in coconut to make "snowy" ornaments for Christmas. Or they might want to make fruit-leather baskets to use as party favors.

Note to Adults: - You may need a child-proof latch (good luck!) to keep the "two-legged mice" out of your stuff!