from July 1985 "Drying Times"

by Barb Moody

When mixing potpourris or sachets always use wooden utensils and glass or enamel containers.

Mixtures need to mellow several weeks so that the delicate fragrances will blend. Keep tightly sealed in glass or glazed pottery containers. Store in a cool, dark location.

Rose Potpourri

Mix oil with orris root. Add cinnamon and cloves. Toss gently with mint leaves and rose petals. Allow to mellow in tightly sealed, dark container for several weeks. Shake daily.

Lavender Sachet

Sweet 'N Spicy Potpourri

Mix the above ingredients together. Allow to mellow in tightly sealed container.

Relaxing Bath Herbs

Combine ingredients and fill 3x5 muslin or terry cloth bags with mixture.

To use: Bring 2 quarts of water to a boil. Turn off heat and add contents. Steep 30 mintues and strain into tub.

OR for use in the shower - use in terry cloth bags as an "herbal washcloth".