You'll have to put the legs on a Master dehydrator when you get it, but the Mini comes fully assembled and ready to plug in right out of the box. The Master and the Mini each come with 6 trays. The Master has an extra track space so you can add one more regular tray, a Heavy Duty tray or a Pasta Rack...or just have an extra space.


You can build your own!

Kit option one: Kit option one: High quality, precision cut materials that are ready to assemble. All hardware is included: nails, screws, flex-a-catch door catches, even the glue. Includes detailed, illustrated instructions. The WAG (heater) comes completely assembled and ready to plug in. You will need a hammer, Phillips screwdriver and drill. A heavy duty stapler is helpful.

Kit option two: As above but with the trays pre-assembled.


For the adventurous

We sell the following hard-to-find and unique-to-us parts so that you can get creative:

  • WAG for either Master or the Mini. See WAG Features for details on the WAG.

  • Screening material -- This is the same food safe, tough, non-sticking screen that we use in our dehydrators. See Tray Screening for details on the screen.

  • Flex-a-catches -- These handy little door catches mount easily on the inside tray tracks to provide a secure closure for the dehydrator door.

  • Mini Plans -- A large sheet with blue prints and directions on both sides.

  • Master Plans -- A large sheet with blue prints and directions on both sides.


  • Some of our creative customers have built their dehydrators into the cabinetry in their kitchen so that it was part of the permanent kitchen appliances! One customer told us they'd made a built-in dehydrator in the space formerly inhabited by their dishwasher.

  • Two Master dehydrators side by side with a common lid makes a great counter-top work area. For this, build the lid so that there is a permanent vent opening in the back and the lid stays immobile.

  • Some commercial customers have built them extra tall, or used a whole room full of dehydrators.

    The Living Foods Dehydrator

    Three sizes of dehydrators, three times the fun!
    The Master is a floor-standing model for people who want to do larger quantities of dehydrating. The Mini is a counter top model popular with those on the go or with limited space, such as those who live in mobile homes. However, the Mini has more space than many of our competition's dehydrators.


    Between Mini and Master:
    The Mini has smaller trays, WAG, Pasta Rack, and Heavy Duty tray.
    The Mini cannot accommodate the Grow Box due to the length of the light bulb. However, you can still use the sprouting tubes in the Mini.

    Cabinet: 24"w x 24.5"d x 19.25"h
    Total height: 36.5"
    Power: 120 VAC, 500 Watts Max (200 Watts in use).
    Tray size: 22.75" x 22.75"
    Total screen area with 6 trays: 18.84 sq.feet.
    .......................... with 7 trays: 21.98 sq. feet.
    Comes with 6 trays, 7th is optional.

    Cabinet: 16"w x 16.5"d x 16" h
    Total Height: 19.25"
    Power: 120 VAC, 200 Watts Max (100 W in use)
    Tray size: 14.5" x 14.5"
    Total Screen area with 6 trays 7.32 sq. feet