from January 1985 "Drying Times"

by Barb Moody


This year save those romantic moments by beginning a sweetheart potpourri. Preserve that Valentine bouquet by drying the petals (whole flower heads may also be used) in your dehydrator until completely dry, usually about 10 hours. Store dried flowers in an airtight container. You may add orris root, spices, or scented oils for fragrance. Also, you might want to add a fixative such as powdered gum of benzoin (use 2 tsp. per pint of dried flowers). Then, throughout the year continue to add dried flowers from those special moments - an anniversary, a special dinner, a corsage etc. A small amount of a sweetheart potpourri tied into a lace bag makes a lovely package decoration for wedding or anniversary gifts.

Fruit Leather Valentines

To make a Valentine treat from your favorite fruit leather, just cut the leather into heart shapes. Make big ones or small ones. We like to use strawberry, raspberry or cranberry leathers to make red hearts. Fruit leather hearts can be put in a plastic bag and slid into a valentine card. Or, put one in your child's lunch sack for a healthy "I Love You".